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A new state law is now in effect requiring adults who volunteer at our schools or during school activities to be fingerprinted.
Senate Bill 287 requires all volunteers with unsupervised OR regular contact with students to be fingerprinted. Regular contact is defined as volunteering at least four times a month.
For those volunteers who have unsupervised contact with students or who regularly volunteer, an application process has been put into place district-wide.
This process includes completing the online application at, processing payment to complete a background check including fingerprinting, acknowledgment as being a mandatory child abuse reporter, and being issued a CCSD volunteer badge.
We understand that some parents and volunteers may have concerns with this process. You can express your opinion at CCSD is implementing this process in order to comply with the new state law.
We encourage parents to continue to be engaged in their child’s education.
If you have any additional questions, contact your child’s school directly. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.